Our Turn: State Budget Problems

This week's political courage award goes to a couple of Louisiana lawmakers who are not afraid to speak their minds when it comes to the state's budget problems. State Rep. Jay Morris is a Republican from Monroe.

In an email to his supporters, Morris called Governor Bobby Jindal's approach to balancing the state budget "insane." Morris claims he attended a budget briefing where administration officials made it clear that the governor would veto any tax plan that did not have the approval of the taxpayer advocacy group, Americans for Tax Reform. That group is based in Washington, DC and headed by its founder Grover Norquist. Morris is upset that Norquist's group signed off on a tax plan that he says hurts businesses across the state, while preserving preferential treatment for the film industry.

Another Republican representative, Tim Burns of Mandeville, feels the same way, writing online that "if Louisiana has to rely on national groups to bail us out of our problems, then God help us." We agree.

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