Children's book aims to teach EBR students against bullying

Children's book aims to teach EBR students against bullying

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - From its cover, it looks like just another children's book with colorful pictures inside and a tale centered around a penguin. Author Kara Casanova came up with the storyline while baking penguin cookies with her children.

"The icing on the little penguins heads kept messing up and when I got done, I stood back and I looked at all of them and they all looked like Elvis impersonators," said Casanova.

That's the tale Casanova told -- a penguin born with a pompadour so he's given the name "Elvis." He eventually wants to be as famous as Elvis, but his looks open him up to what many children face on a daily basis inside schools.

"Bullying is repeated behavior rendered by one party on another where one party has power or influence over the other and has the ability to do damage to the other," said I Care Director Gwynn Shamlin.

"Elvis The Penguin" focuses on bullying and diversity. It's why Shamlin said they purchased several books that will soon be placing inside East Baton Rouge school classrooms. He said the goal is to teach children about bullying starting at an early age.

"We see it developing early in kids, pre-K and kindergarten, and if unaddressed, it continues until they get older," said Shamlin.

Statistics show 28% of all children in the country have been bullied, and those are only the reported cases. There's also cyberbullying, and often times, bullying can escalate into violence, fights or even suicide.

Casanova hopes her book gets an important message across to kids on social tolerance and social diversity, and have those young children take the message home to learn more from their parents on why bullying is unacceptable.

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