Police use bait car to arrest teen for multiple counts of burglary

Police use bait car to arrest teen for multiple counts of burglary

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge police have arrested a teenager who allegedly attempted to steal items from a bait car set up by police.

The Baton Rouge Police say that they arrested 19-year-old Trey Bell after putting a bait car on Boulevard De Province in an attempt to find the suspect responsible for a rash of vehicle burglaries in the surrounding area.

Officers were notified that someone entered the car early Friday morning. When police arrived on scene, they watched video showing a suspect searching through the car's compartments. Officials note that the only thing missing from the bait car was a pack of cigarettes.

The BRPD says officers found Bell in the area and brought him in for questioning. Bell admitted to breaking into the bait car, saying that the only thing he stole was "a pack of cigarettes". According to police, Bell says he entered the car because he thought he saw a gun box.

Police learned that there were five other burglaries the same night as the bait car burglary. Four of the five were in the same parking lot as the bait car.

Bell is charged with six counts of simple burglary, simple burglary of a motor vehicle, and theft of a firearm.

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