Port Allen City Council faces possibility of paying former mayor's legal fees

Dispute in Port Allen over legal fees

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Some may have thought Port Allen's rough ride that accentuated the term of former Mayor Deedy Slaughter, but they would be wrong, as there's still the matter of some $50,000 worth of legal fees and who has to pay it.

The Port Allen City Council discussed those issues Wednesday night.

"Here we are right back once again," said Councilwoman Ray Helen Lawrence.

According to the council, the city has come a long way since Slaughter was recalled from office. However, it can't yet move on from the turmoil of that time. Phelps and Dunbar Law Firm represented Slaughter during some of the earliest legal battles in her term. While some money had been paid under her term, council members said those payments were never approved.

"Not even the disbursements," said Councilman Garry Hubble. "None of them were approved by the city council."

It also seems invoices for the payments are missing.

"There were no invoices available to back these payments up," Hubble added.

"I do not know where those other invoices are," said Chief Administrative Officer Audrey McCain. "I know they were there and I know I didn't remove them."

The firm also said it is still owed about $50,000. The city has not decided what it will do about paying the remaining bills. At least three council members have said they will not support writing another check.

Meanwhile, the question of funds has opened up old wounds struck at the height of Port Allen drama.

"That's what we faced - slander. I was called a member of the KKK. He was accused of stealing money," Hubble explained.

"I have never witnessed what I witnessed during that time," said Councilman R.J. Loupe. "It was that much of a nightmare. It was horrible."

The next council meeting will be next month.

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