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Legislators look to improve roads around Louisiana

(Source: WAFB) (Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB) (Source: WAFB)

State legislators have submitted recommendations that look to improve roads and infrastructure around Louisiana.

The Transportation Funding Task Force discussed those recommendations at a committee meeting at the State Capitol Wednesday. Some of the suggestions included more public and private partnerships which could lead to more toll roads and changing how the money from the gasoline tax is divided up among public agencies.

“The general public has waited and asked for so many things for the past 10 years,” said Karen St. Germain, the task force's chairwoman. “We expect DOTD to do all these projects, but they can't do them to the best of their ability unless we fund them.”

Overall, St. Germain said as much as $5 billion needs to go towards funding DOTD. She said that will allow the department to improve things like roads, bridges, traffic and other big ticket items like bridges over the Mississippi River

“It is as important to me as it is important to the person who is going to work across the Mississippi River and has to wait 45 minutes in line to get across the bridge,” said St. Germain.

The Louisiana Legislative session starts April 13, 2015

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