Our Turn: Jindal's Budget

Air: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal presented his annual budget proposal last week, and understandably, many people are unhappy about it. The plan cuts the state budget by $1.2 billion. It reduces some tax breaks for business, but it leaves intact the extremely lucrative tax subsidy the film industry is receiving. That's raising eyebrows, not just because of the magnitude of this giveaway, but also because of abuses of the program that have been exposed recently.

One recent report revealed that a reality show based on the New Orleans Saints' dance team netted its producers a $1 million tax credit for a program which never aired. The actual cost of the production was estimated to be only $250,000. Here's a statistic the governor's critics like to cite - the makers of the movie "Green Lantern" got a check from the state of Louisiana for nearly $30 million. They say that's more money than the state provided in support that year for the University of New Orleans. The motion picture subsidy deserves at least as much consideration for trimming as the state education budget.

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