University officials speak on Louisiana budget proposals

University officials speak on Louisiana budget proposals

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Facing "historic" budget reductions to Louisiana's public colleges, university presidents are speaking out.

Southern University President Ronald Mason Jr. says that while the cuts to higher education are lower than expected, they are still significant.

"The only manageable scenario is zero cuts." says Mason Jr., " We are hopeful and will continue working with the Governor and the Legislature to come up with solutions to ensure the survival of public universities in Louisiana, and secure the future of our state."

LSU President Fieldon King Alexander says that while he appreciates the Governor's plan to offset the cuts with proposed tax credits, LSU will look for solutions to help their own financial situation. "This is the beginning of a long process where we will work with the Legislature and the Governor to restore funding to education to its appropriate levels.

The Chair of LSU's Board of Supervisors, Ann Duplessis, says that LSU's Board of Supervisors recognizes the challenges put forward in the new budget, and they will attempt to find long-term solutions for the university's stability.

In a separate statement, LSU President Alexander vowed to keep LSU students, alumni, and fans in the know through their Budget Hub Website, found HERE.

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