Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget

Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget - 6 p.m.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB/AP) - Gov. Bobby Jindal is presenting his plan to lawmakers to close a $1.6 billion gap in the Louisiana budget.

The meeting started at 9 a.m.

The deficit has sounded the alarm of cuts to important state departments and services.

In addition to the fear that higher education funding may be cut, there are worries that cuts could be made to the Department of Health and Hospitals.

There have already been cuts to the state's museums as a result of this budget fear.

Here's how Jindal proposes to address the shortfall:

Cap a dozen refundable tax credits so the state doesn't pay more to businesses and individuals than they owe in tax liability, and redirect the savings to health care and higher education. Total: $526 million.

Use piecemeal financing from a state surplus, tax amnesty program and other one-time sources of revenue. Total: $300 million.

Budget cuts across state agencies. Total: $416 million.

Use the recommendations of an outside consultant to shrink state spending through efficiencies, consolidations and other reductions. Total: $145 million.

Don't provide funding for inflationary increases like state worker pay raises and medical inflation that are included in the shortfall calculation. Total: $160 million.

Annualize savings from midyear budget cuts. Total: $36 million.

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