Louisiana lawsuit against major insurance company will go to Florida judge

State lawsuit against State Farm

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Florida judge will decide the fate of Louisiana's lawsuit against a huge insurance giant, which has been combined with hundreds of other lawsuits.

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, filed a lawsuit against State Farm Insurance back in August 2014. Among the many allegations made by Caldwell and other citizens, State Farm insurance forces shops to use lesser quality parts when making repairs. Stacie Deblieux, with the AG's office, said lesser quality parts could make it unsafe for drivers.

"They don't behave like manufacturer parts and when you get into an accident that will affect the crumble zone, it will affect how bags deploy and that is a real consumer safety issue," said Deblieux.

Jim Bagot has also had some issues with State Farm. Bagot said his car was sent to a shop for repair after he was hit by another person. He said the collision center made its adjustment, then State Farm made their adjustment. He said State Farm adjustment was $1,000 less, which means they were giving him less money to fix the car.

"I've already got problems because someone hit my car and it wasn't my fault, then they want to fix my car with junk yard parts," said Bagot.

Bagot said he then talked with the Attorney General's Office and they elected to help get him brand new parts for his car.

There is no word if or when the state's lawsuit will make it to court.

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