9News Investigators: Complaints prompt investigation of home cleaning service

9News Investigators: Complaints prompt investigation of home cleaning service

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The 9News Investigators has uncovered a trail of complaints about a local home cleaning service that led one woman to police.

Several people who found big discounts for the cleaning service online said the maids stole from them while cleaning their homes.

House cleaning can be a chore. It is something most people dread. The dishes, dusting, doing laundry can sometimes take hours. That is time most people would rather spend doing something else. But paying someone else to do it can be pricey.

Elizabeth Perry knows firsthand.

"When I moved here I had quotes from $150 to $200, and that's just to clean 1,700 square feet," Perry said.

When Perry saw an advertisement for Busy Bee's home cleaning services listed on Groupon, bragging that hundreds had been sold, she jumped on it.

There are multiple cleaning services named "Busy Bee's" but the customers said this particular deal linked them to a Facebook page for "Busy Bees" in Watson, in Livingston Parish.

Late Wednesday night The 9News Investigators found that Facebook page is now listed as "currently unavailable".

"It was about half to a third of what a normal cleaning would be," Perry said.

Perry said one of the women Busy Bee's sent to her house was two hours late. Because she was already late for work, Perry said, she told the maid what to clean and gave her instructions to put the key under her mat when she was finished. Perry said she got a big surprise when she returned.

"The house had not been cleaned, she had taken the Groupon and the tip I left, and she had also stolen something from me," Perry said.

Perry said it was a toy robot she bought her son for Christmas. She said it was in a room that she told the maid to stay out of. When Perry called Busy Bee's to complain, she said, she no one answered or returned her calls.

"I called again every day, sometimes two or three times a day for the next few days, and I always got the answering machine, never got a reply form the owner," Perry said.

Perry took to social media to air her dirty laundry.

"I found there were many other complaints filed on their Facebook page," Perry said.

When The 9News Investigators checked Busy Bee's Facebook page, we found more than two dozen complaints from people who were allegedly stolen from.

One woman claimed the Busy Bee's worker who came to her home stole a valuable piece of jewelry. Another woman posted a picture of her daughter's necklace she claims a maid with the company stole. She filed a police report. Baton Rouge Police confirms to the 9News Investigators they are currently investigating her complaint.

Lauren Godeaux's review of the company stated "NEGATIVE STARS".

She said a Busy Bee's worker stole a sentimental jar, filled with coins, from her home. Godeaux purchased her coupon for Busy Bee's cleaning services from Living Social, another website that advertises discounts and deals.

"I didn't care about the money, tops she got $50 in change. It was the glass itself that was important to me because it was something that meant something to me," Godeaux said.

Godeaux said she asked the maid to return the jar and keep the money, but she said the maid just told her to call Busy Bee's. When she did, Godeaux said she could not get past the company's answering machine.

"They didn't seem to be receptive or responsive to other people. So, I just gave up on it and chalked it up to a lesson learned on my end," Godeaux said.

The Better Business Bureau last year issued an alert about a Busy Bee's location in Denham Springs.

The BBB gave them an "F" rating after the bureau stated its owners failed to respond to multiple complaints filed against the company.

The phone number listed on the BBB website for that location is not in service.

Living Social has since removed its Busy Bee's offer off its website.

Perry said Groupon refunded her the money she spent on the voucher. But she is appalled that Busy Bee's is still allowed to advertise offers on the site.

"I was shocked. If you steal something from somebody you should be out of there," Perry said.

Groupon did not respond to our emails regarding the complaints.

Numerous calls to Busy Bee's were not returned.

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