Metro Council unanimously approves bond refinancing for Green Light Plan

Metro Council unanimously approves bond refinancing for Green Light Plan

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Looking at the many options for improving traffic on Pecue Lane, residents like Billy Smith are anxious to see progress from the EBR Green Light Plan.

"Looks like they're getting something done and they're narrowing things down, and I'm glad to see them get closer to the end of this thing because it's way past due," said Smith.

While the Pecue project is still in the early stages of development, the boost in funding to the Green Light Plan Program will speed up many of its other projects.

EBR Metro Council approved a bond refinancing that will generate $40 million for the Green Light Plan Program. That money will put five projects using pay as you go funding into high gear.

"Projects that wouldn't be started until 2025, now pull up four or five years earlier," said Green Light Plan Project Manager Jonathan Charbonnet.

That includes starting construction on additional lanes and much needed sidewalks on O'Neal Lane from George O'Neal to south Harrell's Ferry Road.

The four other projects to get a piece of the new funding- improvements to Glenn Oaks Drive, Nicholson Drive, the Highland-Burbank connector and Jones Creek Road- will all be able to take the next step in their planning and development.

"It means we can start construction earlier, we can get plans done sooner, we can get right-of-way acquisition sooner," said Charbonnet.

The refinancing also means that other sources of funding can be directed to other projects.

According Mayor Kip Holden's Office, the total estimated Green Light Plan Program cost is now approximately $793.9 million.

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