IQ of accused Beauregard Town killer delays trial

IQ of accused Beauregard Town killer delays trial

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Another trial date has been delayed for the man accused of killing a mother and wounding her young daughter during a 2010 robbery.

Judge Anthony Marabella, Jr. canceled the July 6, 2015 trial date due to a motion filed by the defense. That motion argues that Aramis Jackson, 25, is intellectually disabled, therefore he cannot face the death penalty, in accordance with Louisiana law.

"We have had a doctor examine Aramis and he submitted a report giving his opinion that Aramis has an intellectual disability," said David Price, defense attorney. "If there is a finding that he is intellectually disabled, that takes away the death penalty."

According to Price, Jackson scored 64 on a standard IQ test, which places him well below normal intelligence.

"He also measured his adaptive behavior, which includes interviewing a number of family members and friends, asking questions about things he was able to do or not able to do," Price explained. "He tried to get as complete of a picture as possible. That score was consistent with the IQ score."

Jackson will undergo two more evaluations before Judge Marabella will rule on this motion. One evaluation will be completed by a psychologist for the prosecution and the other appointed by the court.

"It's something we did not anticipate at the beginning of this case," said Hillar Moore, District Attorney. "However, in the recent past the defense was making some indications that motion would be filed, and it was filed today."

Moore says it could be another year before a new trial date is set.

Jackson is accused of killing Alexandra Engler, 42, inside her Beauregard Town home during an attempted robbery. Investigators claim DNA evidence links Jackson to the crime.

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