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9News Investigators: Eight minutes of terror

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - What exactly happened on February 3 inside a home in Denham Springs on Country Club Lane? The 9News Investigators now have the 911 and radio dispatch tapes giving more insight into the breakdown of events that afternoon.

Around 12:30 p.m., Livingston Parish Sheriff's Deputy David Johnson, who was off-duty at the time, was at his girlfriend's home when her estranged husband Sidney Averett showed up.

"When Mr. Averett arrived at the residence, he was confronted by the off-duty deputy, and Mr. Averett was in violation of a protective order so he was asked to leave the residence," said Lt. J.B. Slaton with State Police, who is investigating the attempted murder-suicide since it involves a Livingston deputy.

JOHNSON: They just had court today and he ain't satisfied so he's over here beating on the door

JOHNSON: Suspect is leaving in that white equinox

DISPATCH: Do you want to cancel?

JOHNSON: Negative

Seconds later, Deputy Johnson, who goes by Unit 338, used his police radio to tell dispatch that Averett was back.

JOHNSON: 338 to dispatch. He just pulled back in the drive.

That's when Lt. Slaton said Deputy Johnson went back inside the home but noticed something on Averett.

JOHNSON: He's got guns!

"When Mr. Averett broke into the residence and kicked open a door and entered the residence, he had multiple guns on his person," said Lt. Slaton.

About 20 seconds later, the first shots rang out.

JOHNSON: Shots fired! Shots fired!

DISPATCH: 10-4 shots fired Country Club Dr 30817, Country Club

The deputy pleas for backup...

JOHNSON: Need some help!

..All while he's trapped in the middle of a standoff.

JOHNSON: Shots fired!

JOHNSON: Give me some help!

"We believed he was firing throughout the residence in an attempt to strike the off-duty deputy or his girlfriend," said Lt. Slaton.

Dispatch put out a call to any and all deputies for help.

DISPATCH: We've got a 103 on Country Club Lane, umm we have shots fired, one deputy on scene. Need anybody to break away and head that way

DISPATCH: Dispatch to units responding to Country Club. They're asking for a detective with a shield if anyone has one.

That's because State Police said the gunfire continued, with Averett going back for more ammunition.

"We believe that he used up all the ammunition in his weapons. He exited the residence, went back to his vehicle, either reloaded or retrieved more ammunition and re-entered the residence a second time and began opening fire again," said Lt. Slaton.

The first deputy arrived on scene and tried to locate Johnson.

DEPUTY: Deputy, where you at?

JOHNSON: I'm in the back bedroom. He's still firing. He's in the hallway

DEPUTY: Do you have a window you can get out of?

JOHNSON: 10-4, back window, back window, back

After more deputies arrived, they came up with a quick plan to pull Deputy Johnson and his girlfriend out of the house.

DEPUTY: What we need you to do is come out the window. If you can come out a window, come out the window

Two minutes later, both were out of the home.

DEPUTY: ok, we got them out of the house. we still got the bad guy inside. we got a perimeter established. we're waiting on some more assets

DISPATCH: 10-4, they're coming

"They were able to escape through a window in the back of the residence and upon deputies arrival and being able to escape the residence, the last gunshot was heard from inside the residence, which our findings are showing that it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound from Mr. Averett," said Lt. Slaton.

During a heated eight minute gun battle inside the home, Lt. Slaton said Deputy Johnson did return fire.

"He struck Mr. Averett twice in the extremities, both non-life threatening injuries.  Our findings show that the off-duty deputy was acting in self defense,"  He was at his residence. He's lawful to own a firearm. He's an off-duty deputy, and when Mr. Averett broke into his residence and opened fire on the deputy and his girlfriend, he did what any law abiding citizen would do in defending himself."

Police investigators look to release their findings from this case in the coming weeks.

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