West Baton Rouge drug roundup nets 36 arrests

West Baton Rouge drug roundup nets 36 arrests

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - More than three dozen alleged drug dealers are off the streets of West Baton Rouge Parish.

A team of narcotics agents used the element of surprise to nab the suspects before sunrise.

The message they delivered was loud and clear. "Time's up."

Law enforcement agents from West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office, and the Port Allen Police Department swept the City of Port Allen looking for suspected drug dealers.

Colonel Richie Johnson said the team had warrants for 66 drug suspects.

"That's a substantial number, and half of them are people from other parishes coming into this parish to deal dope," Johnson said.

Getting suspects to come out of their homes can sometimes take special skills. One of them, officers said, had motion sensors under his air conditioning unit which let him know they were coming.

"We encounter that a lot, cameras and motion sensors. Even if we hit it with SWAT they have the jump on us. We are fast but we are not as fast as them then. They in their own house. They know where to go, where the guns are. They know where to hide," Maj. Zack Simmers said.

Keashu King-Wright, a former teacher's aide with the East Feliciana School System, was among the group of suspects. She is accused of selling prescription pills such as Xanax, Valium, and Oxycodone.

"An undercover agent made nine buys from her in nine months," Johnson said.

Colonel Johnson said many of the alleged dope dealers had previously been arrested in West Baton Rouge Parish.

Some of the suspects managed to slip by the cops, but Johnson warned, the search is far from over.

"If you've dealt drugs in the last nine months in West Baton Rouge, just turn yourself in," Johnson said.

Thirty six suspects were arrested in the undercover operation.

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