Livingston Parish President: Residents should see progress on road repairs soon

Livingston Parish President: Residents should see progress on road repairs soon

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - After debates over which contractor to use and back and forth over which roads in Livingston Parish need repairs, parish officials say residents should soon see work happening. The process, according to the parish president, has been held up for two years. Layton Ricks says in the next four to six weeks, or sometimes in March, people should see some progress.

"Over four years, I think we been fighting. Trying to get this road repaired," said A.J. Raymond, President of the Chinquapin Homeowner's Association.

That's the group who wore yellow t-shirts to several council meetings throughout 2014, looking for a more permanent fix on Chene Blanc Road.

"It's rough," Raymond said. "The speed limit is 25 miles an hour, but if you do 15 it's too fast for these holes."

He says several of the people who live in the area have complained over and over to the parish, calling once a week about potholes that need to be fixed. Raymond says things just get filled in, but wash away in rains and the problems are back.

There are 40 roads on the parish's list, officials say they are listed in no particular order. It's unclear which roads will be worked on first. Those with the parish say that is up to the contractor, R.J. Daigle, to determine.

Chene Blanc is on that list.

Raymond says he's been told its the center of the roadway, where things are the worst that will get 2,300 feet patched.

Several of the roads on the list are scheduled for patches here and there. The parish DPW director says with any luck, when they get more money, they'll be able to go back and do more.

Another neighborhood parish officials say has some of the worst roads, Southpoint in Denham Springs. It has some of the same issues as Chene Blanc.

"Every time they try to fix it, they'll pour gravel or asphalt in the holes. Then it rains and washes out immediately. That's not a solution to the problem, it doesn't work," said James Bovrehof. He's lived in the subdivision for three years. "It's miserable trying to get to your house."

Southpoint also has drainage issues, something the contractor is supposed to look into.

While people like Raymond say they're glad something is about to happen, the question now is just when.

"If they come in with some big equipment we know they're going to do something decent," he said.

Completing all the patchwork on the roads is supposed to take at least 200 days.

Here is the list of where the roads are located:

Livingston Parish Capital Outlay Road List

Subdivision District

1. Southpoint Drive     5

2. Dunn Road 3

3. Falcon Crest Drive     5

4. Linder Road 3

5. South Satsuma Drive     1

6. Jason Drive 4

7. Swamp Drive 8

8. Sims Road 2

9. Perkins Road 2

10. Travis Street 7

11. Sutcliff Drive 7

12. Chene Blanc 8

13. Hammack Road     6

14. Brian Park Road     7

15. Kellywood Drive     7

16. Trappers Run 9

17. Ross Trail 9

18. Karli Lane 9

19. Sherwood Lane     9

20. Cuba Wheat Road     6

21. Pine Bluff Road     4

22. Cypress Point 6

23. Fox Run Drive 7

24. Masion de Lane     2

25. Lynchburg Drive     2

26. Herman Ernest Lane 2

27. Versailles 2

28. Landsdown Drive     3

29. Lynn Drive 4

30. Darrin Drive 4

31. Leigh Drive 4

32. Brett Drive 7

33. Mayer Street 7

34. Kirbywood Drive     7

35. Colonial Drive 4

36. South Redwood Drive 4

37. Abyss Lane 4

38. Red Willow Drive     4

39. Willow Point Drive     4

40. Cypress Lake Drive 4

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