BR paramedics help during Carnival season in NOLA

BR paramedics helps during Carnival Season in NOLA

NEW ORLEANS (WAFB) - Just like the police department, paramedics in New Orleans can always use extra help on Mardi Gras Day. EMS in Baton Rouge stepped in to assist.

For the past few days, anywhere between two and four paramedics from Baton Rouge have been in New Orleans helping with Carnival season, all on bikes, riding around in Uptown and Downtown to make their response time even quicker - especially in parade traffic.

"It's very beneficial to be able to assist them. Everybody wants the common goal when you're in public service. Is to provide safe and effective care to your patients. To have more people out here working that is beneficial for everyone involved," said one EMT.

Paramedics from Baton Rouge admit while many large-scale events happen in the Capital City, it is a different bball gamein the Big Easy because the parade routes are longer and the crowds are much larger.

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