Green TV

Are you one of those people who think you can create almost anything with your camera and computer? What about a business looking for a leg up on the competition through some inventive advertising. WAFB's Matt Williams reports on a new way to communicate and advertise.

Welcome to "Green Screen TV."

Looking for someone to produce and make a two minute Christmas hello you can e-mail to all your friends. Maybe you want to say hello, through video, to a soldier in Iraq. Or maybe your a company looking for a new way to advertise.

"This is a much more creative, much more personal way of doing it, because it can be e-mailed, put on a web page, put on a disc, we can use it in a lot of different mediums," says Dariel Leboeuf, with Trace Security.

Trace Security is using Green Screen TV to help with their advertising. For them it's a very effecient way of marketing their company. "We've based most of our pre-production through our website. Clients can send in scripts, graphics, logos, through the website," says John Jackson, with Green Screen TV. "We'll have that and build that before they get here. They can walk in the door, everything's ready to go. Sit down, light them up and roll tape."

You can also pick from one of their actors on hand to be the talent for your commercial. Just find one you like on their website, and they'll read your script.

The way it works: a green chromatic screen is able to place you any where in the world.

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