Lundi Gras: The busiest day for selling King Cakes

Lundi Gras: The busiest day for selling King Cakes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Lundi Gras is the busiest day for bakeries making and selling king cakes. Gambino's Assistant Manager Ash Adams said they made 3,000 king cakes in just one day.

"Every time we put them out, the customers come in and buy them. We have a crew that we hired just for the season and they come in very early and leave very late so we're constantly producing and putting them out through the day," said Adams.

The crew has been working to keep up with the demand, not only to keep the store shelves stocked but meet the shipping demands.

"We've shipped close to 1,500, and we have been selling close to 1,200," said Adams.

Customers said they feared going in on the busiest day thinking they would not get the flavors they wanted, but fortunately, Gambino's is keeping up with the demand.

"I am buying two king cakes. I have some friends who were in town. They used to live in Baton Rouge. They moved to Texas, and they don't get king cake that often," said Eva Kelley, a customer.

"I'm here to get my son his 5th birthday cake. He wanted a king cake from here," said Danielle Small, who drove in from St. James Parish just to get a king cake.

Adams said last year, they launched two new flavors, red velvet and wedding cake, which have both been hits, but she said the top two sellers are traditional and cream cheese.

The bakery will continue making and selling king cakes on Mardi Gras Day and they do ship king cakes all year.

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