Woman arrested during investigation of a pedestrian crash

Woman arrested during investigation of a pedestrian crash

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - While Baton Rouge Police were on the scene of a crash where a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle after the Spanish Town Parade, a woman was arrested for multiple offenses including interfering with a police investigation, disturbing the peace while intoxicated, and battery of a police officer.

On Feb. 14, just before 6 p.m., police arrived and began speaking to witnesses about the crash. One officer noticed 42-year-old Amy Cutrer "yelling and screaming causing a disturbance," according to the probable cause affidavit.

The report says the officer told Cutrer to step back while the other officer conducts the investigation, and she then told the officer "[expletive] you, I didn't do nothing."

The officer then escorted Cutrer to the back of his police unit so she could calm down. The report says she began to strike the rear window of the unit. An officer opened the door and officials say she kicked the officer multiple times.

She was taken out of the vehicle and two officers "took her to the ground." Police reports say she was placed in handcuffs and put back into the officer's vehicle. Cutrer yelled at the officer "I will have your job!" and other threats while officers were on the scene.

The officer reports Cutrer later spit through the cage of the unit onto the officer and said "[expletive] you, [expletive]."

Cutrer was taken to 1st District where she was placed in a holding cage. She was able to escape out of her handcuffs, according to documents. When officers tried to put the handcuffs back on her, she again struck officers and yelled "I will have your job!"

She was taken to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison where she was charged with disturbing the peace, criminal damage to property, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer and public intimidation.

She was released on Feb. 15 on a $2,500 bond.

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