The rain is here, just in time to add chaos to the evening commute

The rain is here, just in time to add chaos to the evening commute

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A line of showers -- with a few embedded rumbles of thunder -- has made its way to the greater Baton Rouge area, just in time to add to the chaos of this evening's commute!

It's been a windy day under the clouds, although most WAFB communities have stayed dry up until now. We've been dealing with sustained winds in the 'teens with gusts in the 20s and 30s through much of the early afternoon. And temperatures have climbed into the 70°s for just about everyone -- feeling a little like spring.

That's about to change quickly: regional mid-afternoon temperatures and radar show what is on its way.

Although we're sure to get some rain, the biggest weather story for today will be the rapid drop in temperatures after the front goes through. For example, at 2 p.m. it was 71° in Baton Rouge but already down to 54° in Lake Charles and a chilly 42° in Alexandria -- showing the impact on temperatures behind the advancing cold front.

WAFB neighborhoods will know when the front is arriving by the rains and everyone can expect the thermometer to drop 10° to 15° almost immediately after the front moves through. Most of us will be down into the 30°s before midnight tonight.

Rains behind the advancing front will slowly subside through the evening and overnight as the temperatures plummet. And while the threat is relatively small, there is a slight chance for a 'wintry mix' for those near and north of the LA/MS state line during the overnight hours. However, even if a few flakes or a little freezing rain were to occur, there is no concern for any accumulations.

The good news for Mardi Gras Day is that any lingering rains will have exited the WAFB area well before sunrise. The not-so-good news is that clouds remain and most of us will awaken to a light freeze -- a reminder that it is still winter!

Don't expect a great deal of improvement through the day on Fat Tuesday either. Although clouds will slowly thin during the afternoon, northerly winds will keep daytime highs in the 40°s for just about everyone. That's not the way we'd choose to close out Carnival!

We've got freezes returning for Wednesday and Thursday

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