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Baton Rouge cleaning up large amounts of trash after Spanish Town parade


The morning after, downtown Baton Rouge is recovering from a really trashy hangover.

DPW started cleaning at 5:30 a.m. Sunday, picking up what Spanish Town left in its path.

"Good Lord, there were a lot of people out last night. I heard from the news that there were over 150,000," said Bobby Chews.

Saturday's parade drew approximately 150,000 people according to Baton Rouge Police. The DPW says it adds up to a whole lot of litter.

"I say we already moved about two already," said Chews.

Meantime, people not cleaning-up tell 9News a lot of trash following the parade means good news.

"That's how you tell how much success the parade was- by how much trash was generated," said Charles Fisher, Baton Rouge resident.

"I think it's a good indication that everyone had a good time," said Branden Bennett, Baton Rouge resident.

And while no one would prefer to wrap-up their weekend picking-up a huge mess, DPW cleanup crews carried a good attitude along with their trash bags.

Chews sang for 9News during a quick break from work.

"That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang," he sang in his best Sam Cooke voice.

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