Save Redemptorist Group still fighting, Diocese not budging

Save Redemptorist meeting held Thursday night

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Save Redemptorist High School Committee along with supporters of the Catholic school had to meet in a Baptist Sunday school room to discuss their dwindling options for keeping Redemptorist open. The group says they weren't allowed to meet on the Redemptorist property.

"It's just a deal that we can't use our own school the school that you paid tuition for. The school that your money goes into," committee member Sid Edwards told the crowd that gathered.

Since the Diocese of Baton Rouge announced in December it would close the high school due to financial and enrollment issues, the Committee has worked tirelessly to appeal the decision, making several proposals and even reaching out to the Vatican for help. Their latest inquiries into leasing or buying the Redemptorist property has been met with silence so far.

"I would say there is information out there to lead us to believe that the Diocese was working on an alternative, maybe or possible a charter school option at this point," said committee member Julie Roussel.

The group also acknowledges that some options, like starting a new school on new property or legal action against the Diocese, are out.

Meanwhile, frustration with the Catholic leadership is growing into discontent.

"I am ashamed to call myself to call myself a Catholic right now for the Diocese of Baton Rouge because they're just not cooperating, they don't want to talk to us. It's sad. It's real sad," said Redemptorist Alumni Theresa Godso.

While the committee did advise parents of Redemptorist students to prepare for other outcomes, Godso says they aren't done fighting.

"I'm ready to picket. Look out Bishop, here we come," said Godso.

In a phone call, a spokesperson for the Diocese said it stands by the decision to close the school, and that the original plan presented by the Save Redemptorist Committee did not meet the criteria required of all schools under the Diocese. There was no comment on future use of the Redemptorist property, only that the Diocese is focusing on helping students and staff through the closing process.

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