Metro council member calling for resignation of CATS CEO

Metro council member calling for resignation of CATS CEO

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's time to go.

That's the message Metro Councilwoman Denise Marcelle has for the leader of CATS.

"I don't believe that I should have to beg for information from him. We have the right to ask certain questions and why things are going a certain way and I expect him to respond in a professional manner," said Marcelle.

Marcelle and some CATS employees are asking for the resignation of CEO Bob Mirabito.

Marcelle says last Thursday, she was asked by protesting employees to check into some "concerns" she says the workers have about Mirabito. But when she attended a meeting expecting to speak with the CEO, Marcelle says she was turned away and then turned away again when she scheduled another meeting.

Then came the final straw for Marcelle, she says Mirabito suspended the four people protesting after she says the protesters requested that time off. Marcelle says their union contracts allowed them time off the clock.

"We can't sit by idly and not do anything about it and let him rule with this huge thumb. Whether he's intimidating people, I just don't' get it," said Marcelle.

Mirabito took over a struggling CATS two-years-ago. In his tenure, six new buses, new bus stops and eleven new routes have been added. Most recently, the Garden District Trolley.

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