Gov. Bobby Jindal in national spotlight, but carrying baggage of La. problems

Gov. Bobby Jindal in national spotlight, but carrying baggage of La. problems

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Democrats called Governor Bobby Jindal out of touch Tuesday after he stumbled while responding to the question of how much it cost to attend LSU. LSU is one of many institutions that could be on the receiving end of historic budget cuts as Louisiana struggles to deal with a possible $1.6 billion budget hole.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked Jindal the cost of tuition for a year of undergrad at LSU.

"I mean I think it, look I don't, it's under, it's certainly well under $10,000 when you look at fees, housing. It's cheaper than other schools in the south, in the SEC," Jindal responded.

Jindal's press team later said the Governor misspoke and said "The Governor was referring to tuition and fees. The state does not control housing costs."

Jindal, who hasn't officially announced his candidacy for president, has taken more than a few hits recently for his travels outside of Louisiana while the state prepares to deal with a billion dollar budget crisis.

"When you run for president - when you position for president- it's a full time job," Editor and publisher of Jeremy Alford said.

"There's always been this sentiment, especially in Louisiana, that Bobby Jindal would have been better served as Governor spending more time on Avery Island than he has in Rhode Island."

Political analyst Jim Engster says many feel it's time for Jindal to return to Louisiana full-time and face the looming challenges.

"We've never had a presidential candidate who was a sitting governor who was openly courting the White House with problems at home like this. This is unprecedented," Engster said.

Jindal has made several trips back and forth to Washington and beyond in the last several weeks adding fodder to his critics who've challenged his travel schedule.

"He has about 1.6 billion reasons to stay in Baton Rouge and unfortunately for those who want him to concentrate more on the budget than on his campaign, he seems to be focusing on 2016 rather than 2015," Engster said.

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