Our Turn: Traffic Problems

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

For the second time in five days, the Interstate 10 Bridge was closed for rush hour traffic due to an accident. What would normally just be a bad traffic situation turns to gridlock. Many people in our region believe that the Baton Rouge area is poised for great economic growth. Our serious traffic problem is one of the things that could knock us off of that course. As bad as our traffic is now, it will get even worse if more people relocate here.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber now says that we are facing a "transportation crisis." Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy is even more blunt. He says, and I'm quoting, "People aren't stupid; they know the roads suck." There have been and are plans that could alleviate some of our traffic problems. One current proposal would put a loop around the north side of the city. If we moved right away on that plan, it would be completed seven years from now, in 2022. If we do nothing right now, it will take even longer to get relief.

This is the time for leadership, and action.

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