Dozens volunteer to clean up overgrown cemetery

Dozens volunteer to clean up overgrown cemetery

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Dozens of people from all walks of life were out in force, cleaning up the Lutheran Cemetery.

"It shows you that life is all about helping people," says student Kegan Gunby. "It's not all about helping yourself. Once you help others, you can help yourself."

Volunteers helped to transform the cemetery from grim and overgrown to something people like Sheila Blanchard can be proud of.

"We were just kind of taken a back at such a sacred spot wasn't taken care of," says Blanchard. A lot of these graves date back to the 1800's and their families are gone. They may have died out or moved away, but there isn't a care taker large enough to take care of this cemetery alone."

It is for that exact reason that volunteer groups like "Volunteer LSU" along with members of the National Guards Youth Challenge Program are stepping up to help.

Volunteers were armed with paint brushes, trash bags, chainsaws, and weed whackers in order to clean and care for the hallowed grounds.

More information about how to join LSU's volunteer force with a schedule of upcoming events can be found at

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