Mardi Gras spirit rolls into Baton Rouge

Mardi Gras spirit begins again in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Hundreds packed downtown Baton Rouge for the start of this weekend's Carnival season parades.

The Krewe of Artimus parade kicked off the weekend as gigantic floats stormed the streets with people throwing beads and other Mardi Gras favorites. Several people were enjoying the festivities including one parade goer named Caleb Higsdon.

"I love the fun and the atmosphere and we are just having a great time," said Higsdon.

There are several concerns about the parades and the construction downtown. Davis Rhorer with the Downtown Development said there is no need to worry. Parade routes go all over downtown, so you can seem them any time and any place; but mindful of the construction on River Road.

"To get the best experience, we ask people to enjoy the parade on some of the other parts of the route. So, you have 4th St, Convention St, and also Laurel St. So there a lot of other places to view the parade," said Rhorer.

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