Zachary residents upset over bridge's two year outage

After 2 years, bridge in Zachary still not repaired

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - Residents in Zachary are fed up about a bridge that has been out for nearly two years.

The Milldale Bridge that runs over Beaver Creek has been out since 2013. Since then, residents have been upset with the amount of time the Department of Public Works is taking to fix the bridge, including pastor of Milldale Baptist Church, Jason Robertson.

"It just seems like the project is never going to get done," said Robertson. "We were told back in August construction will start the first part of this year in January."

Tom Stephens with DPW said Milldale is one of 25 bridges the parish is working on. Funded by the Community Development Block Grant Program. He said the department is on schedule to fix the bridge.

"There are delays here and there, because of the review process. These are complicated projects," said Stephens.

DPW said they are hoping to start construction this spring.

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