CATS workers and union reps stage 'informational picket' to voice concerns

VIDEO: CATS union reps hope to get word out about conditions with informational protest
Read the entire news release from CATS.
Read the entire news release from CATS.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - CATS employees and union representatives are voicing their concerns with the transit system in the form of a protest.

Organizers are calling the action an "informational picket." It is taking place at the CATS headquarters on Florida Boulevard.

Union president Naomi Guy said employees are concerned about unfair working conditions and the overall safety of the buses.

"Our main concern is safety of the buses, all operators, safe employees as well," said Ulysses Walker, union vice president. "In order to perform effectively, we need these things to be addressed."

Protest organizers were sure to stress they are not interrupting service.

CATS officials issued a statement in response to the protest. They said the system is continuing to focus on improvement, with safety as their main priority.

"We have every faith that our management team is running CATS as a business ought to be run, with a focus on safety, efficiency, and on-time performance," CATS CEO Bob Mirabito said in the written release. "All riders are traveling on safe buses. We have parked buses that we feel are unsafe, since public safety is paramount."

Mirabito added the entire CATS management team is committed to continuing to provide the quality service customers expect and deserve.

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