LSU Alumni Association taking a stand against possible massive budget cuts

LSU Alumni Association taking a stand against possible massive budget cuts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The LSU Alumni Association is taking a stand against possible massive budget cuts from the state and launched Tiger advocates. It is a grass roots effort aimed at making sure lawmakers hear the voice of everyone who loves LSU.

LSU fans are known for being loud and proud. Now the LSU Alumni Association is asking Tiger Nation to raise their voice to save the university system and higher education groups from the state budget chopping block.

"When you read what the prognosis could be with $400 million worth of cuts to higher education, that's loss of jobs, that's loss of programs, maybe even closing parts of or all of institutions," said LSU Alumni Association President Cliff Vannoy.

The Alumni Association launched Tiger Advocates, a website that connects alums, students, or anyone who loves their college to lawmakers and issues that could impact higher education during the upcoming 2015 legislative session.

In April, state lawmakers will have to tackle a $1.6 billion budget shortfall. Many expect that hole will be filled in part with cuts from higher education, which is concerning to Vannoy.

"LSU, particularly, has been very strong in the product we produce. You would think that gives you the kind of funding you deserve...maybe it's time for those who vote and make decisions on who represents them to hear what our side of the story is," Vannoy said.

Universities are also bracing for cuts. LSU System President F. King Alexander sent a statement to WAFB saying:

"We are working proactively to identify possible solutions, and we remain optimistic that the Governor and the legislature will explore other options to protect higher education. We know they recognize the devastating impact these cuts would have across this state. In the meantime, all of our campuses are preparing for reductions based on the numbers currently being discussed, which equate to a 40% hit for LSU."

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