Home for Good giveaway helps Baton Rouge charities

Home for Good giveaway helps Baton Rouge charities

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Discipline and structure is a big thing at AMI Baton Rouge- a nonprofit school set up as an alternative school to alternative schools.

"It was told to me some time a while back that every kid looks for discipline, they don't have to go look for it. We provide that here," Tommie Dyer, director of AMI Baton Rouge said.

AMI Baton Rouge is just one of the many programs that receive funding from the United Way and currently the United Way is raising money by raffling off a home.

It's called Home For Good, a promotion that let's someone take a chance on winning the home by purchasing a $100 ticket with the proceeds going to the Capital Area United Way which in turn helps programs like AMI Baton Rouge.

Darrius Bond is a student at the school and says he was on the wrong track until coming to the school.

He particularly likes how each school day begins- with a special Word of the Day.

"Every day I come to school with a new word," Bond said.

"I try to come with at least five words of the day- and five scriptures - I try to be on top really."

Now Darius says he goes home and reads every day and loves school.

"We have tons of kids like Darrius in our community that just need that extra push to be able to get back on track," Katie Pritchett with the United Way said.

"Can I be a dentist? Can I go to the Marines? Something that might not have been in their line of thinking before they entered s program like AMI Kids."

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