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Organization president talks about smart management of aquifer water

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Dr. Chip Groat, president of the Water Institute of the Gulf, talked about Baton Rouge's drinking water supply Monday.

Groat's organization has gathered community leaders to better manage the water being pulling from the ground. There must be enough water to meet demand or salt water could be sucked into the freshwater used for drinking. Geologists have seen evidence of this.

"I think that for a long time, it's been known that as we withdraw the freshwater resources on the north side of the Baton Rouge fault that we're going to influence migration of salt water up to and finally across the fault into the area," Groat said. "From all the monitoring wells and production wells that are in the area, we know that it's happening."

Groat told the Baton Rouge Press Club that smart management of the uses for the aquifer water can preserve the quality. Research will seek to provide all the information needed.

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