Home for Good contest to benefit United Way charity

Home for Good contest to benefit United Way charity

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Your 2015 Home For Good ticket benefits the United Way- long known for helping so many in the Baton Rouge community.

The Emerge Center of Baton Rouge is one such place- a non profit specializing in teaching language and communication skills to children to better prepare them for school.

"Really some very challenging diagnosis, they can not communicate and that creates a high amount of family stress if you don't know what your child is saying," Melissa Juneau said.

Juneau is the director of the center in Baton Rouge. She says intensive interaction is key to helping children and support from the Capital Area United Way is instrumental in achieving their goals.

Darrin Goss heads up United Way in the capital region - helping 10 parishes.

Goss says your ticket purchase not only helps places like Emerge, but programs and people all over the area. "Helping the United Way doesn't create the false choice of having to choose between giving to the issue of hunger or the issue of giving to homelessness - helping the United Way gives you the opportunity to give to children with delays, the homeless, the elderly as well as those who are hungry - so one stop - great opportunity to help so many people," Goss says.

The winner will be announced on Friday February 20, 2015.

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