Police looking to crack down on human trafficking for carnival season

Police looking to crack down on human trafficking for carnival season

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Carnival season is underway, but instead of parades, beads, and king cakes, authorities will be looking for those participating in sex trafficking.

"Looking at carnival season and the thousands of people that are coming to one area. It is a problem because they know people are willing to pay for sex," said Emily Chenervert with Trafficking Hope.

Trafficking Hope is an organization geared towards eliminating human trafficking. Chenervert said events like carnivals are places where pimps look to solicit women for sex. She said people who are looking for a good time, may not see the entire story.

"They want to have a great time with a woman, but they may not realize that she is being trafficked," explained Chenervert. "What they don't understand is someone is really positioning them into an environment where they can basically be purchased, and they're not getting the benefit of it," she continued.

Lieutenant JB Slaton with Louisiana State Police said this year troopers are learning new skills on how to fight the problem.

"These guys are armed with new training, new trends in human trafficking. They're going to be able to see signs of human trafficking and are going to be able to help those victims that don't necessarily speak out when on a traffic stop," said Slaton.

If you know of anyone who may be a victim of sex trafficking, please contact your local authorities.

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