'What the Health' app gives you health scores with the click of a button

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Health scores for your favorite restaurants across Louisiana are now just a click away. You no longer have to wonder whether your food source has failed an inspection.

The "What the Health - LA" app, is a location based app that brings up the first 100 restaurants around you based on your GPS location.

The creators of the app, Chris People and Jake Van Dyke, decided to create the app when they realized just how hard the Health Department's Food Inspection reports were to find and decipher.

The app gives each restaurant a letter grade, something the state does not do.

It is a very user-friendly app, and you can pull up a report and find out if the restaurant has had any violations.

To get the app on Google Play, click here.

To get the app for iPhone or iPad, click here.

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