Our Turn: Jindal Budget Shortfall

If you're concerned that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is not paying enough attention to the state's budget crisis, you're not alone. Coming from Jindal's office is a projection of a $1.4 billion dollar shortfall for the state budget in the coming year, and the deficit grows to almost $2 billion by 2017. Governor Jindal himself has been in Europe making international news for his comments about Muslims, but back here in Louisiana, even fellow Republicans are complaining about his lack of leadership on the budget issue.

Last week at a forum for candidates seeking to replace Jindal, three of the four said that, if they were elected, they would call a special session soon after taking office to deal with budget issues. U.S. Senator David Vitter was very direct in going after the governor on the budget issue, saying that Jindal should be attacking the deficit himself right now rather than leaving it for his successor to deal with. Governor Jindal's final year as our governor should be his victory lap, but it's not looking a lot like that right now.

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