Baton Rouge girl killed in Bourbon Street shooting given posthumous college degree

Brittany Jackson Graduation

Parents typically smile from ear to ear taking pictures of their child's graduation class. But, if you take a close look at Friday's Camelot College graduation ceremony, there is one person missing - 21-year-old Brittany Thomas.

Thomas was one of 10 people who were shot when bullets flew on Bourbon Street last year. She later died from her injuries.

Today, she would have been sitting with the rest of her class while she got her degree.

But just because she couldn't be at the graduation physically, it does not mean she can't finish what she started. Pastor Ronnie Williams awarded Brittany her degree posthumously.

Williams, who is also the president of Camelot College says that Thomas will be missed.

"She was one of the brightest shining lights we've ever seen or had the grace on the campus of Camelot College." said Pastor Williams.

Thomas's degree is in nursing. Something her mom says she always wanted.

"She wanted to be a nurse," said Mariko Thomas, "She loved people. Especially babies. She wanted to be a nurse that worked with the babies."

Mariko says that even though Brittany is not with her physically, her presence will always be felt.

"We know that her life was not in vain. We believe that she is still with us," says Mariko, "she is not with us physically but she is with us spiritually."

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