Metro councilmember says St. George tax proposal too lengthy

Metro Council member says St. George tax proposal too lengthy

The Baton Rouge Metro Council said "no" Wednesday night to a new tax hike within the St. George Fire District.Now, we're hearing why. Councilwoman Denise Marcelle says she opposed another proposed tax election in May for two reasons. First, the fire department wanted to increase the millage tax by two mills. Second, the proposal was for a 20-year tax. That's twice the length of the current millage tax set to expire this year.

"I thought that was a little unfortunate that they put the additional ten years in and nobody could really tell me why except that they wanted larger projects.  It has not been 20 years before," said Marcelle.

The St. George Fire Chief says without the tax, the department will lose $1.5 million for capital projects.

Chief Gerard Tarleton tells 9News he's working on making changes to the tax proposal.The hope is to get it back in-front of the Metro Council in-time for an October vote.


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