Southern University becomes 1 of 3 to have SpeechVive device for people with Parkinson's

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In speech therapy circles, only a few universities have the SpeechVive Device: Baylor University in Waco, TX, University of Florida in Gainesville, and now Southern University in Baton Rouge.

"The community can come here on our campus and receive the services via the SpeechVive that would undoubtedly improve their speech language skills and overall communications," said Tamala Hutchinson. She is about to graduate with a Masters degree in speech and language therapy.

The company's donations of SpeechVive equipment means students will learn by helping people with Parkinson's check out the device at Southern University to see if that technology will work to help them better speak.

SpeechVive detects when the patient is speaking using an accelerometer which is built into the earpiece. During speech, the device plays a background sound into the user's ear. The background sound, which resembles a room full of people talking during a party, is a natural cue that elicits louder and clearer speech through an involuntary reflex known as the Lombard Effect.

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