Companion Animal Alliance saves nearly 5,200 lives in 2014

Companion Animal Alliance saves nearly 52,000 lives in 2014

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Companion Animal Alliance rescued, returned, rehabilitated and rehomed nearly 5,200 homeless animals – the highest number in shelter history. This year's total eclipsed the previous year by more than 1,220 animals.

The 31 percent increase in the live-release rate is due to the CAA staff's determination to increase the return of lost pets to their owners, promote in-shelter adoptions and build relationships with local and out-of-state rescue operations. The improvement is also related to a new city ordinance that permits feral cats to be humanely trapped, neutered and released back to their homes rather than being euthanized.

According to the shelter's records, more than 2,000 pets were adopted directly from CAA at its Progress Road shelter and offsite events. Due to efforts to develop strong partnerships with local and out-of-state animal welfare organizations, more than 1,250 animals were transferred to regional, breed and other rescues for adoption. An additional 1,232 cats and kittens were released to a feral cat organization.

Meanwhile, CAA helped reunite nearly 670 lost pets with their families.

Through a partnership with Spay Baton Rouge, the Feral Cat Coalition and Baton Rouge Spay Neuter, CAA implemented a new trap-neuter-release, or TNR, program to reduce the area's feral cat population. TNR replaces the previous policy that required feral cats to be trapped and euthanized in staggering numbers.

By working with these local partners, the shelter's live-release rate for cats rose to 76 percent—an unprecedented number, especially compared to the 90 percent cat euthanasia rate recorded only a few years ago.