Teen dies after being hit by car while walking to school bus stop

Teen dies after being hit by car while walking to school bus stop

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The mother of a teen boy who was hit by a car Wednesday morning reached out Friday morning to say her son was "preparing to be with Jesus." Later Friday, officials reported that 14-year-old Daytron Edwards had passed away.

Daytron Edwards, a talkative young man, is "probably wearing Jesus out right now" about his favorite New York Jets football team, according to his mother Tamika Warner.

Daytron was hit by an out-of-control vehicle as he was walking to his bus stop on North Foster Drive. He was a student at Westdale Middle School.

"He loved the Jets, so he would go down the line and talk about everybody's football team. He stayed on me hard, that's why I wore the jacket," said Warner.

She is very proud of her son's last report card. Daytron had pulled up his grades so he could play high school football one day, and maybe even college football.

"I used to always tell him, "we got a rule. If you can't get it in the classroom, you can't get it on the field," said Daytron's father Marvin Edwards. "Prepare yourself now that way it's not nothing when you get there."

The crash on Wednesday left Daytron brain dead, and left the family with a choice.

Part of that choice was to make sure Daytron lives on. The family donated his organs, in hopes of saving someone else.

Daytron's mother says she has already forgiven the woman who hit her son, and actually wants to pray with her, if she ever gets a chance.

"It's the love that God has in me," said Warner. "I cannot hold grudges because holding it and holding un forgiveness it is critical to our lives. You know, God forgave me, and why can't I forgive her?"

So for the talkative little man who loved football, skittles and Dominoes Pizza, a family will need to heal and take comfort in the fact tthatDaytron will indeed live on through others.

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The Baton Rouge Police Department said there was a mechanical issue with the car that hit him that caused it to lose control. No charges have been filed against the driver, but the crash is still under investigation.

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