Proposal to save Redemptorist outlines breakaway from Diocese

Proposal to save Redemptorist outlines breakaway from Diocese

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In the coming spring, Redemptorist High School could graduate its final class.  While winter still has its cold grasp, generations of the school's graduates gathered to pray for a change of heart.

The supporters crowded in front of St. Gerard Catholic Church Thursday evening to hear the latest on efforts to keep the school open.  Earlier in the day, the Save Redemptorist Committee submitted their proposal to the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge.

The Diocese announced the school's closure in the face of dwindling student numbers and other challenges.  However, the committee hopes to break away from the Diocese and give Redemptorist a fresh start.

"More focus on the school itself and the rich tradition that we bring. A better marketing plan for the students and a little bit better curriculum plan," said committee member Greg Callihan.

According to Callihan, the proposal lays out what he describes is a "two-year exit strategy."  He says breaking away will not be simple and the committee hopes to work with the Diocese to gradually transition control.  Then, Callihan says the challenge will be shedding a perception that Redemptorist is a failing school.

"We got to get students back here. A marketing plan needs to be put in place," said Callihan.

A spokesperson for the Diocese said they will review the committee's proposal and give a response soon.  The committee requested a response by Tuesday.  If the Diocese does not support the proposal, Callihan says they will continue to look for other ways to save the school.

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