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Lawsuit filed against apartment complex alleging assault

Apartment lawsuit (Source: WAFB) Apartment lawsuit (Source: WAFB)
Kortney Rayborn (Source: WAFB) Kortney Rayborn (Source: WAFB)
Christopher Rayborn (Source: WAFB) Christopher Rayborn (Source: WAFB)
BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two Southern University students are filing a lawsuit against an apartment complex after they say they were attacked and called racially offensive names by the apartment manager.

"I have nightmares sometimes. Both of us have sporadic moments throughout the day where we can't even stop crying."

Distraught Southern University student Jasmine Edwards and Demonya Williams explain their life after an incident they say changed their lives forever.

The two say on Dec. 5 they went to the Courtyard New Orleans Apartments in Tigerland asking for leasing information.

"She didn't want to give us anything about the apartments," said Demonya Williams. "She didn't want to answer any of our questions and it just escalated from there."

Their attorney Chris Stewart claims the women were then verbally and physically attacked by Apartment Manager Kortney Rayborn and her husband Christopher.

"They had a gun pulled on them and had a pit bull set loose on them which attacked because they were simply trying to get an apartment," Stewart said.

Baton Rouge police were called and arrested Kortney, charging her with aggravated assault and second degree battery. Her husband was arrested and charged with simple battery.

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