Zachary sales tax increase to be put to vote in March

Zachary sales tax increase to be put to vote in March

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - Prior to swearing in a handful of new school board members in Zachary tonight, school leaders discussed a sales tax increase that voters will be forced to decide on in the coming months.

The Superintendent of the Zachary Community School District tells 9News that last semester, the board approved up to a one cent tax for the March 28th election.

Superintendent Scott Devillier says that thanks to less funding from the state, along with rising retirement and insurance costs, the district has been forced to make cuts over the last five years.

"Last semester the old board approved to put up to a cent sales tax on the ballot for the March 28th election." Devillier says, "And we're asking the community to make a decision."

Devillier says that rather than the school leaders getting rid of programs the community expects the school system to have, they'd like the community to decide.

"The issue is right now, is we're dealing with trying to put out information," says Devillier, "there's a lot of info on Facebook that's just not correct."

Tonight's meeting was about getting the facts out there so residents can make the decision come March 28th.

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