Man wearing pajamas stops alleged car burglar

Man wearing pajamas stops alleged car burglar

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man frustrated with recent burglaries in the city stopped an alleged thief in his tracks on Monday night.

Luke Perry said he was wearing pajamas and slippers when he went after the man with a shotgun.

Perry said the suspected burglar was attempting to break into his SUV in front of his home on Burgin Avenue. He spotted the man from his front porch at around 11 p.m.

"Through the trees I saw a silhouette and noticed he had all my stuff in his hands. I dropped my stuff and went inside and grabbed my gun," Perry said.

Perry said "something clicked" when he noticed the dome light in his SUV was on.

"He was trying to get into it, and he had all my stuff. He had my tackle boxes, probably $400 worth of tackle. I told him to freeze and that the police are coming."

Perry said the man dropped the items in his hands, which included more than fishing gear.

"That's his stuff. I don't ever know what that is. Yeah, see, there's a Capri Sun."

Peanuts and a pair of new socks were also left on his front lawn when Perry said the man took off.

"I told him to stop and he didn't, so I followed him."

His half mile foot pursuit took him across the street, through his neighbor's yard, to Highland Road where he said he got help from passing cars.

"After flagging down some people, my boys in blue showed up."

After the pursuit, the man who police later identified as Thomas Mosby, started talking.

"He told me, just do me a favor and shoot and kill me and I told him I'm doing you a favor I'm giving you a place to sleep tonight."

Police soon learned Mosby had an arrest warrant for allegedly stealing two laptops from a local business. According to the police report, the doors were unlocked.

So were the doors of Perry's SUV. He said he has learned his lesson and hopes Mosby has too.

"I pray to God that hopefully he finds something to turn his life around."

Mosby was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on burglary charges and resisting officers.

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