USS Kidd hosts pet adoption day

USS Kidd hosts pet adoption day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - 11-year-old Alyssa Roberie wants a new dog for the new year.

"And if my sister brought her to show and tell, I'm sure all the kids at our school would love her too," said Roberie.

The USS Kidd hosted pet adoptions Sunday. Families like Alyssa's had their pick of ten dogs from Yelp! Baton Rouge and the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society.

Alyssa wants "Ana", a Plott Hound/Lab mix.

"I like to play with them. I like to cuddle with them. I like to pretend that they're my friend," she said.

Her mom, however, say the timing is not right. The family recently gave their dog away when it bit the youngest of the kids.

"He was snipping at the toddler. So we kind of figured just let them see what dogs they reacted better to, see what would be a better fit for when we're ready for the next one. We're not quite ready yet but they love dogs. So we know we'll eventually have another one." said Sarah Richard, Alyssa's mom

Taking "Ana" home was not meant to be, but other dogs were adopted.

Michael Fitts of Prarieville adopted a dog, making "Ginger" his third.

"There's so many of them out there that need a home. If you can do it, get out there and get one," said Fitts.

When asked what it means to her to get the dogs a home, Beverly Theriot of Yelp! Baton Rouge responded, "It means everything. They've already been lost, abandoned, neglected, abused sometimes. To find them a good, loving forever home, that's why we do this."

Yelp! Baton Rouge takes-in dogs from local kill shelters.

Also at the museum Sunday, an educational workshop on military working dogs, making a nice backdrop for finding Fido a home.

"They have a lot of stuff that they need and they're not like people where they can help themselves with everything that they need. People have to help them," said Jade Mitchell, who dedicates her time to helping animals.

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