Business owners in downtown Baton Rouge hope the area's growth continues

Business owners in downtown Baton Rouge hopes the area's growth continues

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Red Stick Revelry drew thousands of people from all over Louisiana to pack the streets of downtown Baton Rouge and businesses are hoping the downtown area will continue to grow.

"To keep the momentum going, keep having events like the Red Stick," said Andrew Bayard, co-owner of Huey's bar.

Bayard said only in the last couple of years has downtown Baton Rouge started getting more attention, so people may not know what all it has to offer. He added people also feel safer heading downtown than they did years ago.

"People have heard in the past that there is muggings. Well, that doesn't really happen anymore. Police presence is great down here on special events," Bayard continued.

At Happy's Irish Pub, bartender Laura King works festivities like the Red Stick Revelry, but also other nights. She said among the several things to attract bigger crowds downtown is the need for more room.

"More parking, obviously, to bring people down here," King said. "More business diversity besides the bar industry, maybe retail or a grocery store."

Developers said they are planning bigger things for downtown Baton Rouge in 2015.

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