Baton Rouge restaurants end 2014 on high note

Baton Rouge restaurants end 2014 on high note

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - As people get ready to bring in 2015, they will also look forward to the many restaurants Baton Rouge has to offer.

According to the Baton Rouge Business Report over two dozen businesses either opened or expanded in 2014. The Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar in Downtown Baton Rouge is one of the many new eateries to pop up. Bartender Mercedes Duplantis said since the opening two months ago, nothing is slow about business.

"People are getting the word out about us. It's been funny and it's getting busy," said Duplantis.

Jefferson Highway is where City Pork opened its second location only a few months ago. Owner Chase Lysons said he knows why it has been a good year for restaurants in Baton Rouge.

"I think this past year in 2014 the economy has gotten a bit stronger," said Lyons. "Baton Rouge is a restaurant town and people love to eat out here."

The Baton Rouge Business Report also said expect to see several restaurants open up next year.

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