Crawfish abundant in Baton Rouge in December

Crawfish abundant in Baton Rouge in December

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With Christmas trees still lit up and the countdown on to 2015, it's not the time of year people in Louisiana have pinching of tails on their minds, but crawfish farmer Harlan Cashiola has, since Nov. in fact.

"We're not catching much. When we first started, we were catching half a sack running 900-1,000 traps and right now, we're up to a sack and half, two sacks, so we're struggling," said Cashiola.

While he's waiting on warmer temperatures, farmers in places like Crowley or Henderson are doing great and selling to places like Tony's seafood.

"Last year was so cold, and I think it started around Nov., and the crawfish, I think we only bought 1,200 lbs. the whole month of Dec. This year, we got a couple of days left but we've been through 10,000-12,000 lbs. It's still not a lot of crawfish, but for this time of the year, it's totally different than last year," said Tony's Seafood's Bill Pizzolato. .

But if you plan to fulfill your craving, get ready to shell out some money.

$3.99/lb for live crawfish

$5.49/lb for boiled crawfish

Sacks of live crawfish are going for more than $100.

Those stiff prices are not stopping some, be it just a quick lunch or a boil for Okie Smith, whose son is a crawfish fanatic.

"I'm getting a bag of crawfish for my son so he can have a good time before he goes back to Houston," said Smith.

Smith has no problem paying for a sack of live crawfish saying tis the season and be it Dec. or peak season in the summer, there's never a wrong time to pinch some tails.

"It's big tradition here in the state of Louisiana. If you're from here, that's the way it is. You have to eat crawfish," said Smith. "It's the season. You're supposed to do things that make you happy and make other people happy."

Meanwhile, Cashiola is expecting to have a banner year during crawfish season.

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