Vinyl sales stronger in 2014

Vinyl sales stronger in 2014

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Vinyl records are making their way back in style and back on the shelves in America as sales continue to rise.

Reports show vinyl record sales have increased from $1 million in 2007 to $8 million in 2014. Dana Labat, owner of Capital City Records off Perkins Road, said there isn't any medium like vinyl out there.

"It's been an argument on the sound quality where the vinyl has a warmth depth to it and just sounds better than digital files," said Labat.

Mark Kleiner is a record collector and he says he tries to school the young folks on the classics.

"My son would have friends of the house and I would ask them if they ever played a record before," said Kleiner. "They would say no, so I pull them over to the record player and have them put the needle down and let them play a record," he said.

Labat said although records are a little different now, the appeal is just as strong.

"I think people are learning over time that you can have all the songs you want off iTunes, but that's all you have is a little iPod or a hard drive with records you finally have something tangible," he added.

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